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ADT launch TURBOdesign Suite v6.3 Via Webinar

Advanced Design Technology launch


This webinar will highlight some of the key new functionality enabled by the updates, as well as showing a live demonstration of a single stage centrifugal compressor stage consisting of impeller, vaned diffuser and return channel/de-swirl vane.

Mechanism To Increase Energy Efficiency.

View the figure attached. It is about using Cam for increase
energy efficiency. Cam are generally used to open and close valve of IC
Engine. I am going to show you another use. Left side initial position.
Right side final position. Redius of cam continuously decrease.Sliding
weight (MG) applied on Cam. With the help of rope weight(MG*Cos(b)) is
fixed with cam. We consider b as 45. So cos 45=.70. This fixed weight
should be 0.70 MG. Which balance the sliding weight applied on cam in
tengential direction. As sliding weight come down the fixed weight go
up. But the twist is the redius of cam decrease nominal continuously.
So sliding weight come down little bit and fixed weight go up much
more. We consider sliding weight come dowm H2 height and fixed weight

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