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contact analysis

HEX meshes with elastic/plastic property in ABAQUS contact analysis

Dear all,

Recently I have been running a simulation in ABAQUS, which is the compression of two hemispheres. The two hemispheres are identical, and I think the simulation results of the contact sufaces of the two hemispheres should be identical too. However, I found when I apply only elastic material property, the result is alright, when I change the material property to elastic-plastic (bi-linear), the result is very wierd (the contact sufaces are not symmetric). All of the model is with HEX mesh, when TET mesh is applied there is no such issues.

Reg. Penetrations in a Contact Analysis Code

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I have developed a FORTRAN code to simulate the molding process of glass to make lenses. Hence, it involves a contact analysis between the glass and molds. The contact is modeled using the master and slave node concept and the mold is assumed to be rigid. For the application of this code, we are looking at highly precise dimensions to capture the curve of the mold on the glass after molding.

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CONTACT in ABAQUS: HARD and SOFT contact techniques

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I am using Abaqus for nonlinear FEA of contact between material1 (soft foam like) and material2 (hard plastic type) in vertebrae for my thesis. I have encountered many problems during this exercise, because I have to include the results of various contact conditions in this situation with friction. I am trying to get results for 

  •  Hard contact (using penalty constraint enforcement)
  •  Soft contact (using linear and exponential Pressure-Overclosure relations)

The major problem is convergence during both analyses.

CONTACT set up in irregular surface.-analysis in Ansys

Hi all, i am the final semester student in.Struc Mecha.For my final
project i have to model combine sheet pile with  FEM. i used ansys for
set up the model. Combination of AZ,HZ n RZ profile were developed
sheet pile. In my modelling i applied frictional contact to define all
the connection between two parts. When i run my calculation, it does
not converged when body get  contact. I was applied spring and small
load step in set up.but still does not work too..if anybody have any

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