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Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue

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Short Course: Engineering of Durable Elastomeric Structures, 26-27 July 2011, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Elastomers are outstanding in their ability to repeatedly endure large deformations, and they are often applied where fatigue performance is a critical consideration. Because the macromolecular structure of elastomers gives rise to a number of unique behaviors, appropriately specialized methods are needed to characterize, analyze, and design for durability. This 2-day course provides the know-how for engineering durable elastomeric components and systems. The course is taught at Axel Products, and includes live demos of typical behavior.

3rd Int. Conference on Integrity, Reliability and Failure, Porto, Portugal

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to bring to your attention the First Announcement & Call for Abstracts for the

3rd International Conference on Integrity, Reliability & Failure

to be held in Porto, Portugal

July 20- 24, 2009.

The meeting covers all aspects applied mechanics (nano-meso-micro and
continuum), advanced mechanics of composites, fracture and failure analysis,
computational mechanics and experimental mechanics to enhance
engineering design.

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