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stress concentration

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Stress concentration explained without math equations

This VIDEO  gives a  very intuitive explanation of stress concentration  with an analogy and an experimental demonstration.

3D FEA of stress concentration

Dear all,


I am simulating tensile specimens with an elliptical pore(representing a flaw in the material) in the mid-cross section of the specimen. What I am looking for is the stress concentration caused by this pore.

I am simulating this as a 3D specimen under tensile loading only, with 3D, 8-node linear brick elements(1st order). Now my questions are:

1- Is there any analytical solution for such problems(3D with elliptical pore) with which I can compare my FEA results?

crack intiation and propagation while operates at some frequency (evaluate stress concentration)

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stress concentration at the crack initiation location while operates at 120Hz to do using abaqus software tool.Is there any one previously worked in this area.kindly assist me to resolve this problem.

Stress concentration at a corner of varying angles, mode I and mode II

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I was looking at the stress concentration at a corner for both a mode I and mode II loading situation.

For reference, see: Carpenter, 1984. Mode I and mode II stress intensities for plates with cracks of finite opening. International Journal of Fracture. V. 26. 201-214. 1984.

The problem that is being addresses is the stress concentration found at a corner in an infine body as seen in the figure below. β=0...π.

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