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rubber elasticity


Hi I need a help if anyone can solve my problem please help me out. I want to use the output file of the result as a input file in ABAQUS i.e, if a apply tensile load to a model it will elongate and I need the elongated model as a input file for carrying out the next step. If anyone can pl send me the .jnl file or .inp or .cae file. I am using ABAQUS/STANDARD VERSION 6.8


Can anyone help me to run simulation of a coaxial cylinder using restart analysis in ABAQUS standard version 6.8.

Planar tension test = Pure shear test for rubber? Explanations


 I know what is this test and I know under certain conditions (low deformations and specimen's wide 10 times its lenght), a planar tension test is equal to pure shear test.

But I don't know why if we are doing a tension test we have pure shear.

Let me explain:

    ^ 1-Axis
 |           |    ---> 2-Axis

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European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber - ECCMR VI

ECCMR 2009 - Sixth European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber

Held at TU Dresden, Germany, September 7-10, 2009.

The concept of multifractal elasticity

A new type of elasticity of random (multifractal) structures is suggested. A closed system of constitutive equations is obtained on the basis of two proposed phenomenological laws of reversible deformations of multifractal structures. The results may be used for predictions of the mechanical behavior of materials with multifractal microstructure, as well as for the estimation of the metric, information, and correlation dimensions using experimental data on the elastic behavior of materials with random microstructure.

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