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dislocation density

Position is not anymore available --- Research Position at TU Darmstadt

At the Division of Mechanics
of Functional Materials in the institute of Materials Science, TU Darmstadt the
following research position is to be filled as soon as possible:

 Research position (E 13 TV – TU
Doctoral Candidate/Postdoc

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Continuity in the Plastic Strain Rate and its Influence on Texture Evolution

Classical plasticity models evolve state variables in a spatially independent manner through (local) ordinary differen- 

tial equations, such as in the update of the rotation field in crystal plasticity. A continuity condition is derived for the 

lattice rotation field from a conservation law for Burgers vector content—a consequence of an averaged field theory 

of dislocation mechanics. This results in a nonlocal evolution equation for the lattice rotation field. The continuity 

relation between plastic strain tensor and dislocation density?

What's a general relation between dislocation density (scalar) and plastic strains (tensor) in 3d? any references? thanks.

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