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fracture mechanics of concrete

how we may create a notch in a beam and how we may obtain the load- deformation curve by abacus 6.6.3 version plz anyone can give me step by step procedeure plzzzzzzzzzzzz 

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Invitation to SES at Brown

Dear Colleague:

It is a pleasure to invite you to submit an abstract to the symposium:

"From Atomistics to Reality: Spanning Scales in Simulations and Experiments"

that we are organizing at the SES 50th Annual Technical Meeting/ASME-AMD Summer Meeting to be held at Brown University in Providence, RI during July 28-31, 2013.

More information on the symposium and a link to submit an abstract is available here:

Implementation of Jaumann stress rate into FEM program

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 Im building hypoplastic constitutive model into FLAC3D.

 My formulation is by the Jaumann stress rate.

In order to implement the model into the FEM does I need to change the increment stress as followed by the Jaumann stress rate definition as


where W is the skrew-symmetric part of the velocity gradient.

Or should I use the Jaumann stress rate as the incremental stress.



How to solve global stiffness problem using FEA in Ansys?




      I'm studying about composite pressure vessel type 3 (that 's with liner inside) . I use Ansys to simulate my object, but i have a problem, i can't solve stress and strain for Solid64 (global stiffness). I don't know how can combine Matlab with Ansys to solve that problem.


      I hope some one have some experience in this field can help me. May be show me some simple example how to solve that problem.  

          Thanks for reading my problem.                                                          

abaqus help

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i have to make a 2d model of a HP 12 *74 pile having a I section. the pile is 30 feet long.... can anyone suggest me how should i start???? or else can any suggest me where i should look for a help to start off...


Dear all,

Hello, I am working on stress analysis of a plate by ANSYS, I need to change material properties and real constants of some elements while the load is increased say from load step 1 to 1.1 and onwards. By using restart command the program either restart the analysis from zero loading with new values of MT and RC for the elements or keep the substeps of the load and does not change the MT and RCs.

Please note that the selected element does not support "kill" command. 

I would very much appreciate to be advised in this regard 

Best Regards

Introduction to Cohesive Zone and Modelling DCB Test using Cohesive Elements

I am currently working on a project to model DCB test in ABAQUS. My current problem lies in understanding cohesive zone modelling. I was wondering if anyone can forward me a couple of  materials regarding the introduction of cohesive zones?

 This would help me understand the material greatly and help me in modelling the DCB test.

 Another question in ABAQUS:  how do you implement the material properties for cohesive elements? in particular, what values should i be using for them? e.g. E, G1, G2?

AMPL Modeling Language

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can anybody provide me softcopy of the book or any online material of AMPL modeling language book.

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