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Digital engineering

Fellowship in Digital Engineering for Fusion Energy

In March 2021, The University of Manchester signed a 10 year collaboration agreement with the UKAEA, resulting in a £15M investment for two new research groups; Digital Engineering and Tritium. I lead the Digital Engineering group. The aim is to build a virtual garage where engineers can try out new designs for fusion reactors more quickly than building full-scale prototypes.

Research Faculty Position in Digital Engineering - University of Texas at El Paso


The Aerospace Center at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) has a research faculty position in the area of Digital Engineering specifically for aerospace engineering development.  This position is currently funded for two years, but we expect either recurring funding or the possibility of moving into a full-time position.  We are looking for talented individuals with a solid background in CAD/CAE, numerical methods, and design methodologies.  In addition, machine learning and data science experience is valued.  Salary is competitive.

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