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CISM course on electro-magneto-mechanics, Udine Italy, June 6-10, 2022

Dear Colleagues, I would like to bring to your attention a CISM course on “Electro- and magneto-mechanics of soft solids: experiments, modeling and instabilities” that is planned to take place on June 6-10, 2022 at Udine, Italy. The School is addressed to doctoral students, post-docs and early career researchers with interest in active soft materials.'s picture

3rd International Summer School on Fatigue and Damage Mechanics of Composite Materials

After the first two successful editions in 2015 and 2019, with the
enthusiastic participation of students and young researchers from all over the world, the third
edition of the international Summer School on Fatigue and Damage Mechanics of Composites
will be held in Vicenza (Italy) from the 4th to the 8th of July 2022. The venue is the Department
of Management and Engineering, campus of the University of Padova in Vicenza. The School has
already received the patronage of ESCM (the European Society for Composite Materials), AIAS
(the Italian Society for Mechanical Design), Assocompositi (the Italian Association of Composite
Industries) and IGF (the Italian Group of Fracture).
The School aims at providing young scientists and engineers both from Academia and Industry
with the unique opportunity to meet and learn from leading international experts about
advances in the fatigue and damage mechanics of polymer-based composite materials.
Based on the experience and the feedback received after the first editions, the format will be
improved with more tailored theoretical sections, hands-on activities and the presentation of
industrial application cases provided by experts of leading worldwide companies. Particular
attention will be always devoted to the understanding of damage mechanisms and the paths to
incorporate them into predictive models.
During the five-day program, senior researchers and industry representatives will provide
lectures on experimental techniques for damage investigations, damage evolution under
fatigue, analytical and numerical damage modelling, structural health monitoring and examples
of design against damage in advanced industrial applications.

For more information visit the web site:

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EC Emergency Medicine and Critical Care / ECRONICON Journal


The journal- EC Emergency Medicine and Critical Care   /  ECRONICON


 EC Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

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International Journal on Obstetrics and Gynecology (IJOG)


International Journal on Obstetrics and Gynecology (IJOG)

Introduction: Gynecology is a field of study that deals with the Women’s Health, Female Reproductive System (Vagina, Uterus, Ovaries). Whereas Obstetrics mostly deals with Childbirth, Pregnancy and Postpartum Period. Generally, in medical specialty Gynecology and Obstetrics are combined. 

Summer School on Computational Materials Science at Texas A&M

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our pleasure to announce the eleventh iteration of the Computational Materials Science Summer School at Texas A&M University, CMS3.

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New Book in Cyclic Plasticity of Metals

New book: Cyclic Plasticity of Metals: Modeling Fundamentals and Applications (published by Elsevier)


Table of Contents:

Part One: Introduction

1 Experimental observations in cyclic loading of metals

2 Fundamentals of cyclic plasticity models


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Ph.D. positions available at University of Southern California

We have several Ph.D. positions available in our group ( in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Southern California for Fall 2022. We are an interdesciplinary group with broad interests in experimental mechanics, advanced materials, and manufacturing. Our focus areas include 3D soft electronics, engineered surfaces/interfaces, and active/smart materials. Candidates interested in these areas are encouraged to submit applications to our Ph.D.

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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing group at Cornell seeking PhD applicants

The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing group at Cornell is seeking PhD student applicants for fall 2022 in the Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics fields. Collectively, our research spans polymers, metals, ceramics, and composites; synthetic and natural materials; and computation, theory, experiments, synthesis, and additive manufacturing. 


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Please apply to UT-Austin Engineering Mechanics Graduate Program

UT-Austin Engineering Mechanics Program is well known for its research on experimental mechanics, computational mechanics, fracture mechanics, nano- and micro-mechanics, thin-film mechanics, biomechanics, soft material mechanics, structural dynamics, and so on. We are the home of the International Journal of Solids and Structures (IJSS), International Journal of Fracture, and Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. We offer more than 20 rigorous graduate courses on engineering mechanics.

Ph.D. and/or postdoctoral positions in mechanics theory and experiment

 Applications are invited for Ph.D. (Spring or Fall 2022) and/or postdoctoral (ASAP) positions in the group of J. Hanna in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno.  We are a theoretically oriented group that also engages in experimental work, with broad general interests in classical mechanics and applied geometry (see ).  We are fully in-person-operational.

Possible topics include:

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Ph.D. position available at University of Parma - Italy

A Ph.D. position is available at the University of Parma (Italy) on the topic:

Thermo-mechanical optimization: application to precast building claddings

The Ph.D. studies last 3 years and the student has to do a 6-months

internship in an Italian company during the first two years.

Students from southern Europe with a background in civil engineering are particularly welcome.


Paper request

Could someone please attach the following paper. I currently researching on low temperature fusion bonding of III-V materials. 


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Course on V&VUQ of Computational Modeling of Materials and Structures

Dear Members of the Mechanics and Materials Communities,

You may have known about the efforts of the Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MoMS) program of the National Science Foundation on revitalizing the practice of verification and validation (V&V) of computational models as a rigorous and indispensable step in the scientific investigative process.

PhD position in characterizing and modeling battery materials

One or two positions are available for a student to undertake a fully funded Ph.D. in Engineering at Louisiana Tech University understanding the detailed structure of the complicated heterogeneous materials in lithium ion batteries. Expected start date is Sept. or Nov. of 2021.


  • B.S. in Engineering (Chemistry or Physics backgrounds are also suitable).
  • Meet graduate school TOEFL/IELTS scores
  • Competitive GRE
  • An interest in multi-disciplinary research in materials


PhD position(s) in modeling of the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity

PhD position(s) is available for Spring 2022 in the Engineering Mechanics program in Aerospace Engineering Department at Iowa State University to perform theoretical and computational part of work on NSF-funded projects on the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity. Phase-field, micromechanical, and macroscale simulations using FEM are of interest, in close collaboration with high-pressure experiments performed in our lab. Please send vita to Prof. Valery Levitas ( )

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Teaching Dynamics: Particles in Equivalent Universes

If you have ever had to study and teach classical mechanics, then one of the challenges is to explain the equivalences of distinct formulations of the equations of motion for discrete mechanical systems. It is not transparent, particularly in the presence of constraints, how the Newton-Euler equations, Lagrange’s equations, Gibbs-Appell equations, Maggi's equations, Kane’s equations, Boltzmann-Hamel equations, and several other fomulations, are equivalent.

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MIT Short Course Live Virtual: Predictive Multiscale Materials Design: 21-25, 2021

TL;DR, MIT Short Course, Live Virtual June 21-25, 2021; a hands-on bootcamp on multiscale mechanics, ML/AI, additive methods, biomaterials and bio-inspired materials and design. Registration closing soon - sign up now!


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Writing tips

To students and junior researchers,

Together with Stephane Bordas (Luxembourg University) and Alban de Vaucorbeil (Deakin University, Australia), we have assembled a PDF ( outlining our our approach to writing articles on the field of computational mechanics. Also discussed are softwares used. We hope that it will be of help to students and junior researchers.

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2020 Melosh Medalist, Duke University

We are very pleased to announce that Stein K. F. Stoter, from the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA (adviser: Professor Dominik Schillinger), is the 2020 Melosh Medalist for the Best Student Paper in Finite Element Analysis. Dr. Stoter’s contribution was titled "The variational multiscale method for discontinuous Galerkin type finite element formulations".

Congratulations Stein!


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