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Junior Research Fellow Position Available @ Shiv Nadar University Delhi-NCR: Bioinspired Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

My group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Shiv Nadar University has an open JRF position funded by Naval Research Board DRDO. The successful candidate may get the opportunity to enroll in the Ph.D. program starting in Monsoon 2022, subject to fulfilling the requirements.


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A Remotely Controlled Transformable Soft Robot Based on Engineered Cardiac Tissue Construct

Many living organisms undergo conspicuous or abrupt changes in body structure, which is often accompanied by a behavioral change. Inspired by the natural metamorphosis, robotic systems can be designed as reconfigurable to be multifunctional. Here, a tissue-engineered transformable robot is developed, which can be remotely controlled to assume different mechanical structures for switching locomotive function.

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