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temperature dependence

Temperature dependent and temperature independent thermal buckling analysis


Dear all

I'm working on the temperature dependent thermal buckling of radially graded annular FG plates.

The results show that the temperature dependent thermal buckling loads are greater than those of the temperature independent, but I have expected for vice vesa results!

Can anyone explain it ?

best ragrds



Mechanical threshold stress model for 6061-T6 aluminum

Our paper on the Mechanical threshold stress (MTS) model for 6061-T6 aluminum has been accepted by JoMMS.  There are several things of interest in the paper:

1) The use of a phonon drag model to predict the sharp increase in flow stress at strain rates above 10,000 /s.  This behavior is seen in a  number of materials and is hard to fit using standard power law plasticity models.  Our model does a good job in this regard.

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