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FREE WEBINAR Food and Drinking Water Contact EU Regulations for Plastic Composites – How to be Prepared

There is a new European regulation (10/2011) addressing plastic materials and components intended for food contact. It is important to understand this regulation to ensure compliance, thus protecting your company when it becomes effective. The new regulation applies to all unreinforced and reinforced plastics, including those that are reinforced with glass fibres. This presentation addresses glass reinforced plastics and the necessary changes that you should be aware of. To see more go to

obtaining stress-strain curve parameters

Dear All,

In one of my elastic-plastic simulations, I have used the Combined hardening model with half-cycle to model its plastic behaviour. So, I've fed in a list of values from experimental data. Now, I understand that ABAQUS uses certain parameters to generate the stress-strain curve from the data that I've provided.

Is it possible to find out these parameters used by ABAQUS?

Thanks in anticipation,


Hypoelastic-plasticity with logarithmic spin

In small strain elastoplasticity we start off with an additive decomposition of the total strain into elastic and plastic parts. In terms of strain rates we write

$\displaystyle \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}} = \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}_e} + \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}_p}.<br />

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