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Google scholar citations

I spotted this service on google.  It is easy to use, fast,  and is very accurate (though not perfect) in retrieving one's articles. It has some nice features; I particularly like the one that allows articles to be saved in BibTeX, which is attractive for those who use LaTeX.

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Google launches HealthMap and PlosMedicine article -- When a mechanics web-based project?

These type of projects are interesting, when a mechanics-based one?

An example of web-based projects


 Summary Points

Valuable information about infectioous
diseases is found in Web-accessible
information sources such as discussion
forums, mailing lists, government Web
sites, and news outlets.

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Google Scholar can localize your search to library links

Search globally, go locally. Starting from Feb. 2006, Google Scholar offers links to find papers in your local library. See here for details.

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