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Material modelling

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PhD position in computational mechanics

We are looking for a doctoral student to work on numerical modelling of fragmentation of quasi-brittle materials. In more detail, you will study breakage and fragmentation of ice blocks. These phenomena occur under compressive loads in ice block to ice block contacts. The fragmentation process is complicated, and requires novel numerical modelling techniques. Modelling may need to be done on different scales, which may have to reach from very high resolution modeling to simplified contact models on larger scale.

deformation gradeint in VUMAT Abaqus Explicit subroutine

Hello everyone,

I'm modelling VUMAT for a composite. So, in my model I have inotropic and anisotropic behaviour. I have modelled isotropic behaviour but for anisotropic behaviour I need to use deformation gradient, which is causing errors. CAN ANYONE HELP with DEFORMATION GRADIENT. How to use that, do we need to rotate stress back in corotational form as abaqus manual says if yes then How?

How can we get Rotation matrix in VUMAT, if we can multiply it with stretch I think we have the result. May be an alternative.....

Please help, stuck badly :(


How to assign tensile and compressive stress-strain curve in Ansys.

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Hi everyone

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