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Graphene; modelling; micromechanics

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Computational micromechanics of composites: Postdoc stay (10 months) at Technical University of Denmark, Department of Wind Energy

<p>Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for a POSTDOCTORAL STAY (10 months) at Technical University of Denmark, Department of Wind Energy We offer: - 10 months postdoc stay at DTU, Risø Campus - Employment in accordance with the terms valid for scientific staff at DTU Necessary knowledge: - mechanics of materials /computational micromechanics (preferably, unit cell modelling) - finite element simulations (ABAQUS) - programming in a higher-level language (C, Fortran, Python). Necessary background: PhD.

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Graphene reinforced polymer composites: 3D micromechanical modelling, damage and fracture

3D computational model of graphene reinforced polymer composites is developed and applied to the analysis of damage and fracture mechanisms in the composites. The graphene/polymer interface properties are determined using the inverse modeling approach. The effect of composite structure, in particular, of the aspect ratio, shape, clustering, orientation and volume fraction of graphene platelets on the
mechanical behavior and damage mechanisms of nanocomposites are studied in computational experiments.

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