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Multi-Axial Failure Models for Fiber-Reinforced Composites

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The increasing use of fiber-reinforced composites accentuates the need for developing multi-axial fatigue failure models for these materials. In this article (attached), we proposed several multiaxial fatigue failure models for fiber-reinforced composites considering the contribution of mean and cyclic normal stress/strain and shear stress/strain at the plane of failure and examined their capability for predicting the fatigue life of the E-glass/epoxy composite materials. Briefs review of damage mechanisms under multiaxial loading and available failure models for fiber-reinforced composites are also provided.

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During multi-axial loading, damage was observed and audible failure could be heard in the late stages of the experiments. The sound must come from some catastrophic processes that occur with sudden deformation jumps.

Now, multiaxial failure criteria of composites is an important direction not only for fatigue loads but also various loads since conventional failure criteria cannot hold for these special load environments.Howverer,experiments for multiaixal loading is also a large challenge.   



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