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VAMUCH, a general-purpose micromechanics code

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VAMUCH, a general-purpose micromechanics code resulting from an NSF project was initially released in 2006, is emerging to be a versatile tool to homogenize heterogeneous material. It can be used to calculate the effective fully-coupled, multipysical material properties, including thermal, elastic, electric and magnetic for heterogeneous materials with arbitrary microstructure if a representative volume element (RVE) can be defined. The heterogeneous material could compose of arbitrary number of constituents having full anisotropy. VAMUCH calculates the complete set of material properties within in one analysis. VAMUCH can also recover the multiphysical fields within the microstructure. The differences between this approach and FEA-based and another micromechanics approaches can be found in Yu, W.; Williams, T. O.; Bednarcyk, B. A.; Aboudi, J.; and Tang, T.: “A Critical Evaluation of the Predictive Capabilities of Various Advanced Micromechanics Models,” Proceedings of the 48th Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, Waikiki, Hawaii, Apr. 23-26, 2007 (link ).

If you are interested in knowing more details, please go to You can also request the code through the web site. I hope it will be useful for your research. The following two plots are the normal (left) and shear (right) stress distribution of the Eshelby problem predicted by VAMUCH.

Normal Stress Distribution of the Eshelby Problem              Shear Stress Distribution of the Eshelby Problem

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