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Cohesive elements parameters

Dear All,

I modelled a beam with a hole and used cohesive elements on the possible crack plane.

When I run the model in 2D, it works very well and I can get the results pretty good.

Why running the same model in 3D (making 3D model and running it) has caused me a headach for a long time and I can not

get the results?

Any idea highly appreciated,




Dear All,

If I undrestood well. The cohesive model is being used for load predictions of the  bodies which already has a crack. I have a question in my model, I apply a force of 100000N to the model and I expect that program only use of a fraction of this load for my model because this load I apply is high value for the model according to my experiments.Anybody knows why ABAQUS apply the whole load to the model and continues to the loading evern after the full fracture has been obtained? What is the point which I can not undrestand.... Why it applies the whole load to the model? I expect only a portion of the load to apply to model. Am I right?

Thank you,


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