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Mechanics of Materials: Textbook Recommendation

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I will be teaching a sophomore level class  mechanics of materials class.  The class will cover mechanics of basic strength of materials (e.g. beams, pressure vessels), but I also want to teach basic elements of failure mechanics (fracture, fatigue, plasticity, and wear.)  I'm looking for a recommendation of an undergrad mechanics textbook that covers the fracture, fatigue, plasticity, and wear.  The students will have had a statics and mechanics class and their textbook already covers strength of materials.  Thanks.


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Hi Vicky,

For teaching elements of fracture, failure, plasticity (and possibly, wear) a good book would be "Mechanical Behavior of Materials"by Meyers and Chawla (Cambridge Press).

The other book would be "Solid Mechanics" by William Hosford(Cambridge Press).





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Dear Vicky,

I would recommend "Mechanics of solid materials by Lemaître and Chaboche.

 It's a classic textbook, very descriptive, without neglecting elements of continuum mechanics. It treats plasticity, damage mechanics and fracture mechanics in the conclusive chapters, and in a very accessible manner.

Defintely a "must have" for every "mechanician".


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If you have this book in soft copy format please can you post it here.


Mechanics of solid materials

Jean Lemaître; Jean-Louis Chaboche

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