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Im looking for a PhD Position in the area of molecular simulations

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   My name is Mario Pinto. I have a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering (2006) and a masters degree in Computational Science (2008). Since August 2008, I have been working at Computational Research Labs, Pune, India in the Computational Materials Group. My work mostly involves the use of MD, and I use LAMMPS for all simulations.

    I am looking for a PhD position in the area of molecular simulations, applied to studystructure / properties /
response - of - soft / nanoscale / novel / complex matter. 
I have put up detailed information regarding this on my website:


   I request you to please have a look and point out any opportunities that you might know of. My email id is:

    Also, I would be thankful if you could circulate the website link to anyone who might be interested.


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