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Mechanical Response of Multicrystalline Thin Films in Mesoscale Field Dislocation Mechanics

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Abstract: A continuum model of plasticity, Phenomenological Mesoscopic Field Dislocation Mechanics (PMFDM), is used to study the effect of surface passivation, grain orientation, grain boundary constraints and film thickness on the mechanical response of multicrystalline thin films. The numerical experiments presented in this paper show that a surface passivation layer on thin films introduces thickness dependence of the mechanical response. However, the effect of passivation decreases in films with impenetrable grain boundaries. The orientation of individual grains of the multicrystal also has a significant effect on the mechanical response. Our results are in qualitative agreement with experimental observations. A primary contribution of this work is the implementation of a jump condition that enables the modeling of important limits of grain boundary constraints to plastic flow, independent of ad-hoc constitutive assumptions and interface conditions.

Authors: Saurabh Puri, Amit Das, Amit Acharya


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This paper has been accepted in the Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. I have uploaded the revised version.

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