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Which free finite element analysis software to use for this problem?



For a personal project I'd like to find a free program that lets me see what happens when I take a beach ball and apply greater and greater weight on it.  I'm specifically interested in the deformation of the ball, and the stresses in the material.


I'd like to be able to input these variables: radius of the ball, thickness of the material used, weight of the weight, Young's modulus in machine / tranverse direction (elongation in machine / tranverse direction), initial internal gas pressure of the ball, (gas properties of the air inside the balloon). 

I'd like to get these outcomes: shape of the ball under different weights, stresses on the material, internal pressure, elongation of the material.


I'm a beginner in this field and according to Wikipedia there are many programs available. It would cost me considerable time to learn how to use the programs and determine if they fit my needs. That is why I'd like to ask you.


 Thank you for your answers!

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     Chec these two links of imechanica, it may give you some idea.

good luck

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