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surface stress

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Effect of surface elasticity on extensional and torsional stiffnesses of isotropic circular nanorods

We present a continuum formulation to obtain simple expressions demonstrating the effects of surface residual stress and surface elastic constants on extensional and torsional stiffnesses of isotropic circular nanorods. Unlike the case of rectangular nanorods, we show that the stiffnesses of circular nanorods also depend on surface residual stress components. This is attributed to non-zero surface curvature inherent in circular nanorods.

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Effect of material nonlinearity on spatial buckling of nanorods and nanotubes

You may be interested in reading our following article: We show the importance of incorporating material nonlinearity for accurate simulation of nanorods and nanotubes. The linear material laws are shown to give completely erroneous results. The nonlinear material laws for nanorods were obtained using the recently proposed "Helical Cauchy-Born rule". We also discuss how surface stress affects buckling in such nanostructures.

Which free finite element analysis software to use for this problem?



For a personal project I'd like to find a free program that lets me see what happens when I take a beach ball and apply greater and greater weight on it.  I'm specifically interested in the deformation of the ball, and the stresses in the material.


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New papers on thermodynamics and mechanics of surfaces

Please allow me to note that I have recently published in Philosophical Magazine a paper that presents a general approach to Gibbsian surface thermodynamics that includes a treatment of solid surfaces.  It can be accessed through the following link:

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Surface roughness evolution

With a shallow chemical etching the roughness with spatial frequency below a critical value grows while the roughness of higher frequency decays.


How to include the surface effect aournd a nano-sized crack

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Dear Mechanicians,

I am reading some papers on the surface effects of nano-sized elements(bars,beams, plates, films) or defects(inhomogeneities, inclusions, cavities) these days. Some researchers have studied the surface effects on the stress state around a circular hole or an elliptic hole. I wonder if there is any research work on the surface effect around a nano-sized crack. Thank you!

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Modeling Surface Stress Effects on Nanomaterials

We present a surface Cauchy-Born approach to modeling FCC metals with nanometer scale dimensions for which surface stresses contribute significantly to the overall mechanical response. The model is based on an extension of the traditional Cauchy-Born theory in which a surface energy term that is obtained from the underlying crystal structure and governing interatomic potential is used to augment the bulk energy.

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Surface effects on thin film wrinkling

A recent discussion here about the effect of surface stress on vibrations of microcantilever has gained some interest from our members. A few years ago, Zhigang and I looked at surface effect on buckling of a thin elastic film on a viscous layer (Huang and Suo, Thin Solid Films 429, 273-281, 2003). Although the physical phenomena (buckling vs vibrations) are different, the conclusion is quite consistent with Wei Hong and Pradeep's comments toward the end of the discussion. That is, surface stress only contributes as a residual stress and thus does not affect the buckling wavelength (frequency in space in analogy to frequency in time for vibrations).

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