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Some books on Fracture Mechanics

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Fracture Mechanics, Fundamentals and Applications, T.L. Anderson, CRC Press, 3rd Ed., 2004.

This book is in line with what Zhigang is teaching in class. Because Kejie and Widusha have already recommended this book, I would like to introduce you some other books as well as a different approach to cracks and Fracture Mechanics.

Fracture and Size Effect in Concrete and Other Quasibrittle Materils, by Z.P. Bazant & J. Planas, CRC Press, 1998.

I got this book today, so I only had a chance to skim it. It seems that this book is written from an insightful point of view.

A different method for modeling cracks is to use dislocations. By classical methods, it might be very difficult to model a curved crack in a functionally graded material (see this paper). If you would like to know more about this method, you can read

Dislocation Based Fracture Mechanics, J. Weertman, World Scientific Company, 1996

or chapter 17 and 19 of

Mechanics of Solids and Materials, R.J. Asaro & V.A. Lubarda, Cambridge University Press, 2006
This book provides an extended and varied overview of several topics in Solid Mechanics.

Finally I would like to mention my favorite book

Micromechanics of Defects in Solids, T. Mura, 2nd Ed, Springer, 1987.

Chapter 5 of this book is about cracks. The contents of this chapter are

-Critical stresses of cracks in isotropic media
-Critical stresses of cracks in anisotropic media
-Stress intensity factor for a flat ellipsoidal crack
-Stress intensity factor for a slit-like crack
-Stress concentration factors
-Dugdale-Barenblatt cracks
-Stress intensity factor for an arbitrary shaped plane crack
-Crack growth (Energy release rate, The J-integral, Fatigue, Dynamic crack growth)


I think you can consider Bazant's book as an encyclopedia of fracture. Mathematical theories are presented there. Weertman's book is quite different I do not like it!!! Mura's book is good too it could be used as a reference for solution of problems in fracture mechanics!!!

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