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2007 ASME Congress, 12-15 November, Seattle, Washington

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Deadline for submitting an abstract: 5 March 2007.

Responding to the wishes of members, the ASME Congress will change to a new format, starting this year. Sessions will not be allocated to Divisions, but will be allocated to symposiums after abstracts are reviewed. Thus, your action item is to submit an abstract to a symposium. Here are terms as used in the 2007 Congress:

Session. Technical sessions will be scheduled for four days, Monday-Thursday. Each session will last 90 minutes, and consists of 4-6 talks. There will be 23 parallell sessions at a given time, 5 time slots for sessions per day, and a total of 23x5x4 = 460 sessions for the entire congress.

Symposium. Each symposium consists of a few sessions.

Track. Each track represents a broad theme and consists of several symposiums. A list of tracks is posted on the website of the Congress.

For example, under the track Mechanics of Solids and Structures, you will see the descriptions of the following symposiums:

  • 18-1 General
  • 18-3 Symposium on Modeling and Experiments in Nanomechanics and Nanomaterials
  • 18-4 Symposium on Recent Developments in the Mechanics of Layered Sandwich Composites
  • 18-5 Symposium on Bridging the Length Scales
  • 18-6 Mechanics of Integrated Material Structures in Advanced Technologies
  • 18-7 Nanoscale, Biological, Cellular and Nonlinear Materials
  • 18-8 Mechanics of Nanofabrication and Nanostructure Growth
  • 18-10 Mechanics of Biological & Biologically Inspired Systems
  • 18-11 Recent Developments in the Mechanics of Layered Sandwich Composites
  • 18-12 Advances in Computational Mechanics
  • 18-13 Advances in Experimental Mechanics
  • 18-14 Advances in constitutive equations
  • 18-15 Small Scale Fracture: Modeling and Experiment
  • 18-16 Dynamic Response of Materials
  • 18-17 Instabilities in Solids, Structures and Materials
  • 18-18 Nanoscale, Biological, Cellular and Nonlinear Materials

If you don't find a symposium on your favorite topic in the above list, you might find a symposium under another track.

For issues regarding the program of Applied Mechanics Division, please send me an email: I'm the program representative of the Applied Mechanics Division. For issues regarding the Congress, please email the Congress Chair, Urmila Ghia ( For issues regarding the website of the Congress, please email Stacey Cooper (

To promote research and practice of Applied Mechanics, please submit an abstract now.


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Call for Papers:

This symposium will provide a forum for the discussions of the latest advances in the cross-disciplinary field of integrated structures, including advanced interconnects for integrated circuits, micro/nano electromechanical systems, and biomedical devices. The key idea is to forge interactions among active researchers from both academia and industries working in the areas of applied mechanics, materials science/engineering, and advanced technologies. Both fundamental research in mechanics and materials and practical applications in advanced technologies are welcome.

Topics include:

  • Cu/low k interconnects
  • Chip-package interactions
  • Front end strain engineering in microelectronics
  • Mechanics and materials of macroelectronics
  • Mechanics of integrated MEMS/NEMS
  • Ferroelectric and ferromagnetic thin films
  • Metrology for integrated small structures
  • Mechanics and materials of biomedical devices
  • Mechanics of integrated biological structures

Invited keynote speakers: coming soon.

Please see above for instrcutions to submit abstracts.

This symposium is organized by the Technical Committee on Integrated Structures

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ASME has extended the deadline till March 19.


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