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crack modeling in ansys


How should I model a through crack present in a two dimensional beam using ansys? Like a slit having some small thickness or so?

Is there any standard method available? 



You can model the crack as a mathematically sharp one. You will need to use symmetry criterions if you want to generate a whole model. You can probably go through Prof. Phan's (Univ. of Southern Alabama) Ansys Tutorials to get a fair idea of what you need to do.

Good Luck, 


thanks arun for that link Smile its helping me in doing some good stuff in ansys

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Hi Dhanashri,

you wanna simulate the 2D crack in ANSYS, well if you are interested in crack propagation then you need to model the crack in pre domain and then find the stress intensity factor K-I, K-II, K-III, at the crack tip to evaluate the propagation of crack, well you can use the beam or plane element, rather you can also use the shell element, but one thing you need to modelled the singular element at the crack tip as well as the co-ordinate system to read the result in the local domain.

I hope this will help you to start your problem in ANSYS, if you need any help or want some standard input file you can write me mail or give me your id , I will try to mail the same.


Thanks and Best Luck.

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  I am doing similar project on plates. I did analysis for static loading ( pure tension). Now I want do the same analysis with cyclic loading. Could you please tell how to apply fatigue load in a ansys?

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Is it possible to do dynamic crack propagation analysis on ansys i  much on that so can you guide me for the same


Thanks to Arun and Sachin. Smile


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Hi  I want to model crack with matlab, I wonder if sombody can help me


any one can help how to do full crack modelling in ansys. in my project in symmetric condition. if possiable then show how to do using GUI command.

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Hello Avinash


I think it is better to go with University of  Alberta Ansys tutorial. it givesyou some idea.

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