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ASME Applied Mechanics Division Seeks Nominations for Awards

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You can download a pdf file of this announcement.

The Applied Mechanics Division, of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, seeks nominations for the awards listed below. All the awards are international.  Neither the nominee nor the nominator need be a member of the ASME.  Further descriptions of the awards are given at

Each nomination should consist of a form of nomination and several letters of support, as described at

Nominations should be submitted as PDF files to the chair of the Division, Zhigang Suo, by email (, before 1 October 2009.

Timoshenko Medal.  The Timoshenko Medal, established in 1957, is conferred in recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of applied mechanics. Instituted by the Applied Mechanics Division, it honors Stephen P. Timoshenko, world-renowned authority in the field, and it commemorates his contributions as author and teacher.

Warner T. Koiter Medal.  The Warner T. Koiter Medal, established in 1996, is bestowed in recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of solid mechanics with special emphasis on the effective blending of theoretical and applied elements of the discipline, and on a high degree of leadership in the international solid mechanics community.

Daniel C. Drucker Medal.  The Daniel C. Drucker Medal, established in 1997, is conferred in recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering through research, teaching and service to the community over a substantial period of time.

Thomas K. Caughey Dynamics Award.  The Thomas K. Caughey Dynamics Award, established in 2008, is conferred in recognition of an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of nonlinear dynamics through practice, research, teaching, and/or outstanding leadership.

Ted Belytschko Applied Mechanics Award.  The Applied Mechanics Award was established in 1988 and renamed the Ted Belytschko Applied Mechanics Award in 2008. The Award is given to an outstanding individual for significant contributions in the practice of engineering mechanics; contributions may result from innovation, research, design, leadership or education.

Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award.  The Young Investigator Award was established in 1998 and renamed the Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award in 2008. The Award recognizes special achievements in Applied Mechanics for researchers under the age of 40.


2009-2010 Executive Committee of the Applied Mechanics Division


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What is the nominating procedure? 

For all the 6 awards listed in the above call, follow the same nominating procedure described by the ASME.


How does a typical nomination look like? 

A nomination consists of the ASME Achievement Nomination Form and 4 or 5 supporting letters.  The nominator fills the form and collects the letters, and sends them all to me by email.  To avoid confusion, you may wish to merge all the documents into a single PDF file.  This merging can be done in 20 seconds by using mergepdf.  


Who are the members of the Awards Committees? 

Here are the compositions of the Honors and Awards Committees.  The compositions should be updated annually following the rules indicated.


How about other ASME awards? 

Indeed, ASME has a long list of awards.  Many of these awards have been given to mechanicians.  By all means nominate worthy mechanicians for these awards.

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