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The Future of Cell Phone?

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Here is one answer from Nokia.

Nokia 888 communicator, a concept design which recently won the Nokia's Benelux Design Award. It uses liquid battery, flexible touch display, speech recognition, touch sensitive body cover which lets it understand and adjust to the environment. It has a simple programmable body mechanism so that it changes forms in different situations. Don't forget to enjoy a video demo of this cell phone of future.
Yet one more future application of flexible electronics, it's clear there're great mechanics and materials challenges in making electronic devices flexible. It will be great mechanicians can help accelerate the advance of this emerging technology.



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I believe this new technology would bring both "engineering problems" and "scientific problems". The effect of electric current on the mechanical properties of material should be taken into account, which may be one of the differences between analyzing this problem and classical structural mechanics problems. Moreover, some basic problems, such as the description of the deformation of liquid crystal, polymer and metallic thin films, should also be clearly solved.

Mechanics is part of science and technology.

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Shengqiang, I agree with you on this. The technological challenges associated with flexible electronics actually stimulate the progresses of various fundamental issues in chemistry, materials science, mechanics, etc.  Such progresses in turn facilitate the advance of this nascent technology.  The typical co-evolution of science and technology is now emerging in a new and promising arena. 


With the most advanced cell phones available today, life has got easier.. even though we have seen various cellphone models released by Nokia, which have been huge success and some more released cell phones have miserably failed.

I instanly grew fond of the Latest N95 Nokia released phone, which is being advertised as " it does all computers can do" 

People not only buy cellphones for usage, capabilities but also for fashion and trend. If you look around on internet, mobile communities etc. subscribers not only wait eagerly for the new advanced Nokia Cell Phone releases but also buy them as soon as they can.


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