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Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Bending of Inorganic Electronic Materials on Plastic Substrates

In this paper, we report comprehensive experimental and theoretical
studies of bending in structures relevant to inorganic flexible electronics.
Different from previous mechanics models of related systems, our analysis does not
assume the thin film to cover the entire substrate, thereby explicitly
accounting for effects of edges and finite device sizes, both of which play
critically important roles in the mechanics and bending properties. These
thin-film islands give nonuniform stress, with maxima that often appear at the
edges and spatially non-uniform shear and normal stresses along the film/substrate
interface. Although these results are generally applicable to all classes of
flexible inorganic electronics, the experiments focus on systems that integrate
thin membranes and ribbons of single crystalline silicon, in various
configurations, on plastic substrates of different types. The observations and
analysis explain all of the different failure mechanisms in unoptimized
systems; they also rationalize the key mechanisms by which somewhat more
advanced layouts can achieve enhanced robustness on bending. Implementation of
these concepts to achieve highly bendable arrays of silicon p-n junction diodes
on plastic demonstrates these results in practical devices.

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Xiaodong Li's picture

This is a nice paper. The multilayered systems with hard and soft materials are of interest to the community. Experimental approaches are still challenging. Our group has published a paper using AFM/DIC technqiues. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks. 

Xiaodong Li, Weijie Xu, Michael A. Sutton, and Michael Mello, "Nanoscale Deformation and Cracking Studies of Advanced Metal Evaporated Magnetic Tapes Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Digital Image Correlation Techniques," Materials Science and Technology, 22 (2006) 835-844.

Dear Xiaodong,

    Many thanks for your comments.   Your method is powerful to investigate the detailed information of the interface between PET and films at the micro and nano scale.  I will consider for it in our future work.


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