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Why should you add your photo to your profile and how?

Your photo and your full name (if you use your full name as your user name) will appear every time you post an entry in iMechanica. On clicking your photo or your name, a fellow mechanician will land on your profile.

Unlike most online communities, iMechanica complements a vibrant community already existing offline: the international community of mechanics. Many iMechanicians know each other personally or would love to. Some become life-long friends.

Most people can recognize a face quickly. Thus, your photo will help promote your work, and will make an online dialogue a step closer to a face-to-face dialogue in a hallway, which we all cherish.

To add your photo to your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have your photo on your computer. Maximum dimensions are 85x85 and the maximum size is 100 kB.
  2. Log in iMechanica
  3. Click "my account" in the top left corner.
  4. Click the tab "edit".
  5. Find the box called picture. Click "browse". Select your figure.
  6. Click Submit.

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Alejandro Ortiz-Bernardin's picture

I have tried to upload in many ways my profile photo (in IE and Mozilla) subjected to the following constraints:

Maximum dimensions 85x85 

Maximum size 100 kb

And the following error always arose:

  • The selected file /tmp/tmp_FZcVQT could not be copied.
  • Failed to upload the picture image; the pictures directory doesn't exist.

Any suggestion? 


Alejandro A. Ortiz

Mahdi Kazemzadeh's picture

Hi Alejandro,

I had the same problem. I believe it works, if you refresh the page after uploading the photo and getting the error message! Sometimes it also uploads your photo even though you have got the error message, so check; you might have the updated photo on your account. I know something is not working there, but I kept trying!


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