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International Conference on Structural Analysis of Advanced Materials


International Conference on Structural Analysis of Advanced Materials

September 7-10 2009, Tarbes France

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The increased
use of advanced materials in high performance structures such as power
systems, electronic devices, medical appliances, aircrafts and
vehicles, requires improved reliability, resistance to degradation,
prediction of failure and life time under a wide variety of
thermo-mechanical loading conditions. On the other hand, severe
industrial and working environments impose the development of viable
composites with advanced thermal structural properties that become a
key factor for industrial and technological progress.

The purpose of
the present conference is to provide a forum for engineers,
researchers, specialists from universities and students, scientists and
industrial experts, to present and discuss the current status of modern
technology, experimental techniques, numerical analysis and present
developments in the field of modern advanced materials.

ICSAAM 2009 will
comprise invited lectures by internationally distinguished researchers
from European countries together with keynote lectures, contributed
oral and poster presentations covering all aspects of advanced
materials research and technology.

Language: Official conference language is English.

Conference will include plenary lectures, keynote lectures, contributed
lectures and posters within the following non-exclusive topics:

  Materials (please click)
  Structures (please click)
  Process (please click)

Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites

Damage and fracture

Manufacturing and structural applications

Ceramic or Metallic Matrix Composites

Fatigue durability and reliability



 Large deformation and impact

Interactions manufacture / materials

Biomaterials and medical applications

 Experimental technique and NDT

Interactions manufacture / behaviour of the structures

Smart materials

 Advanced modelling and simulation tools


 Green composites


Sandwich structures




There is an Extended Deadline until November 1st For submission of abstracts


Dr Olivier PANTALE

Assistant Professor
G2TR - LGP - ENI Tarbes

47, avenue Azereix - BP 1629
F-65016 Tarbes Cedex

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