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The 2012 IUTAM Congress will be held in Beijing

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Hello from Adelaide, Australia.  I'm at the IUTAM Congress.  The big news today:  the 2012 IUTAM Congress will be held in Beijing.  The Chinese delegates made a brilliant bidding.  Among promised items are good food, low registration fee (which will pay for all lunches), National Conference Center in the Olympic Village, and a tour to the Great Wall (which is also included in the registration fee).  So start planning for the trip.

Professor Bai Yilong, of the Cinhese Academy of Sciences, will chair the 2012 Congress. 

Wei Yang, the president of Zhejiang University, presented the bidding to the Congress Committee.  At the dinner he told me that the Chinese delegates had been bidding for hosting the Congress for 20 years, a whole generation!  Heartiest congratulations! 

I wish the Chinese delegates had also promised a visit to Terracotta Army in my home town.  Wishful thinking I know.  Maybe we can persuade our colleagues at Xian Jiaotong University to host an after-Congress event. 

Update on 21 September 2008.  I just got an email that said the dates of of the Congress will be 19-24 August 2012.  Enter the date into your calendar and start planning.


It's a good news for all the chinese mechanical reserchers. Just last night, I was browsing the internet for the information of IUTAM2008 hold these days in Adelaide, Australia. As not a register, most of the seminar and lecture information can't acquired. But form the lecture title in the web  We still learn some about the conference. Good topics, attractive lecture speech.

I also have a idea, would our IMECHAICA have a timely report of the IUTAM conference so that all the people can have eyes on the conference.

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my university have 10 persons to attend this conference. support this conference and meet professors in beijing

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Dear Zhigang,

I'm glad to know this good news. Thank you and other Chinese scholars' efforts.  I just attended one conference in Italy and paid around $4,000. Last year, I only paid around $2,000 for a conference in Shanghai, China. Hope we can attend more conferences in China, especially in Beijing.


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I'm back to home now.  At the IUTAM many old friends gather from all over the world.  A large congress fully devoted to mechanics suddenly has a refreshing appeal in the ocean of multidisciplinary conferences and confusion and unfamiliar faces and unrecognizable subjects.  The lectures at IUTAM can go much much deeper into our own discipline.  We have the pleasure of talking to people with similar educational background.  We can speak the language of mechanics uncluttered. 

Before we celebrate this uni-disciplinary novelty, we should read this fascinating history of IUTAM, and learn how our forefathers saw the role of mechanics and an international congress in a uncertain world.  What a pleasure to use the wheel even if we have missed the opportunity of inventing it!

A good news for all researchers and students in Mechanics, BTW, Dr. Suo, please let me know if you have an after-Congress event at Xi'an Jiaotong Univ. I would like to visit my hometown at Qianling Mausoleum.

Good news, I am waiting for the good result as a member in the fields of mechanics. Thank you.

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I just got an email that said the dates of of the Congress will be 19-24 August 2012.  Enter the date into your calendar and start planning.

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