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Interdisciplinary Program Director Position

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Dear Mechanics Community Friends,

An opportunity is here that comes rarely. A position is open to hire a permanent interdisciplinary program director for the Biomechanics and Mechanobiology (BMMB) program in the Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation at the National Science Foundation (NSF). This position will support the fields of biomechanics and mechanobiology and interdisciplinary mechanics research as part of the team that comprises the Mechanics and Engineering Materials (MEM) Cluster. That is, the successful candidate would be spearheading the efforts to support, promote, guide, and galvanize a historically important branch of engineering: applied mechanics, in the United States. The prime focus of the new program director will be on biomechanics and mechanobiology. The MEM Cluster is composed of two programs, the Mechanics of Materials and Structures program and BMMB, with Wendy CroneLaurel Kuxhaus, Siddiq Qidwai, and Lucy Zhang as program directors. Join us!

Position closes on February 13, 2023:


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