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Large-deformation reduced order homogenization of polycrystalline materials

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Dear colleagues,

We are happy to share a recent study on Large-deformation reduced order homogenization of polycrystalline materials. In this work, we ectended our previous work on eigenstrain-based reduced order homogenization method to account for larger degoramtion, and demonstrated it capability of capture both stress-strain response and texture evolution with much higher efficientcy compared to reference crystal plasticity finite element modling. For more details, see full paper at:, and an authors copy of the paper is avaiable here:

Abstrace: In this manuscript, we present a finite strain formulation of a reduced order computational homogenization model for crystal plasticity. The proposed formulation leverages and generalizes the principles of the Eigenstrain-based reduced order homogenization (EHM) approach. Asymptotic analysis with multiple scales is employed to describe the microscale problem in the deformed configuration. A two-term Taylor series approximation of the constitutive behavior along with a geometry-based basis reduction is employed to arrive at the reduced order model. An efficient implementation scheme is proposed to evaluate the multiscale system without the need to recompute the reduced basis as a function of evolving deformation. The ability of the proposed modeling approach in capturing homogenized and localized behavior as well as texture evolution is demonstrated in the context of single crystal and polycrystal microstructures.

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