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Freely Downloadable Special Issue of Journal of Applied Mechanics/Century of Fracture Mechanics/John W. Hutchinson's 80th Birthday

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Fracture mechanics is one of the key research topics in our field (of mechanics) and has a rather rich history of innovation and applications. From earth-quakes to air-planes---the mechanics underpinning the phenomenon of materials falling apart has been essential in the development of technology.  Griffith’s work on fracture was published about a 100 years ago and is often widely regarded as the start of modern fracture mechanics. The Century Fracture Mechanics Summit (CFMS), was held in Singapore on Apr. 8–10, 2019 to celebrate a century of developments in fracture mechanics, make note of the major developments since Griffith and provide a preview of future research directions. The summit also served as a backdrop for the 80th birthday celebration of Professor John W. Hutchinson---who was also in attendance. Professor Hutchinson was instrumental in establishing the contemporary version of fracture mechanics, as it is known now, and much of the diverse research presented at the summit was connected to his contributions over a 60-year career. Notably, most of the presentations at the conference have now been published as archival papers in a special issue of the Journal of Applied Mechanics. Its chief-editor (Yonggang Huang) has made the special issue open-access and the papers may be freely downloaded. Further information on the workshop and it’s context may be found in the short editorial (attached) by the guest-editors (Yonggang Huang, Alan Needleman and Yong-Wei Zhang).



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Thanks for your efforts! I cannot download any paper. Did you ask another person to try?




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Roy, I tried and those papers are downloadable.    -Kejie

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 I have tried before when this issue just appeared, but always got error. With the new post from Pradeep, I checked again but still couldn't connect to any PDF. I'll ask our library to help. 

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Everyone, thanks for your notes...there does appear to be a problem for some users. I have alerted the editor to check on this.

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Several users had trouble downloading the pdf of the special issue of JAM. This has now been fixed by the ASME.

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It works well here. Excellent reading materials when staying at home! 

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Kejie, Pradeep and Yanfei,

Since our “social distance” is more than 600 miles, we should “meet” often and explore advance in fracture mechanics? I just find cracks in a window which faces my backyard need new theory---the crack branching angle is much larger than the theoretical angle ( 60 degrees between two branching cracks). I cannot find any explanation  from these PDF papers.  

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