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PhD openings in solid/structural mechanics at Stony Brook University

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I would like to advertise several openings for Ph.D. students in my recently-established research group, the Dynamic Structures Laboratory at Stony Brook University. The intended starting semester is Fall 2020.

A good applicant has a background in engineering, physics or math, and is passionate about mechanics and its application to structural systems at various lengthscales. An ideal applicant has also coding experience, likes "DIY" and/or arts&crafts, and is open to writing in LaTeX.

At the moment, I am looking for students interested in:
- Nonlinear mechanics and shape-morphing structures for Earth and Space applications.
- Wave mechanics and metamaterials.
- Large-scale additive manufacturing and terraforming.
- Adaptive/smart structures.

Regardless of the topic you are interested in the most, working with me you will be part of exciting research projects involving experiments, linear and nonlinear FE analysis, and simple yet mechanistically-insightful analytical models. Moreover, you will have the chance to expand/perfect your mechanics knowledge, to grow as an academic and to improve your communication and problem-solving skills, in an environment where the students' personal and professional growth is the top priority.

Why join us? Stony Brook University is a well-respected research-intensive public school (SUNY system) located on Long Island, ~1 mile away from the ocean and just ~1 hr away from New York City. The University has a strong legacy in Mathematics and Physics, and it manages the Brookhaven National Laboratory. The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is rapidly-expanding. Our Civil Engineering Department, in particular, is relatively-new and unbound by tradition, with a strong core of motivated young faculty looking to re-define civil engineering research and, in my specific case, to explore unprecedented structural solutions.

For more information, please contact me (Paolo Celli, Assistant Professor) at, specifying why you are interested in the position. It would really help if you could also send me your Resume/CV with names and contact information of 2/3 references.

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