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Seeking a post doc position about multi-body dynamics

I am a PhD candidate in the department of engineering mechanics, Tsinghua University, China.

My major is multi-body dynamics. I will graduate at July, 2008.


The topic of my dissertation is the study of passive dynamic walking, including simulation an experiments.

I chose this topic depend on my interests. I have derived the dynamic equations and coded in matlab and FORTRAN languages.

I have made some simulations and experiments. The animations and videos can be found in my webpages.


Except for the topic of my thesis, I have cooperated with others in two projects.

One is underwater human model simulation and the other is multi-body spacecraft simulation.

My works included modeling and simulations based on the software of MSC ADAMS.

I have composed the technical reports of both the projects.


From autumn 2003 to now, I am the teaching assistant of undergraduate course theoretical mechanics.

My work includes providing guidance to students, grade homework and tests.

I also have experience of lectures and preparing the materials of lessons for the professors.


You can contact me through

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