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Post Doc or PhD position open in design of shape memory composite

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A PhD position or a Post-Doc position, depending on the candidate skills are available in the Department of Sciences and Methods fo Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. The research project is in the smart composite materials design. The candidate will have to design and optimize a composite structure with embedded SMA for morphing application. Candidates should have possibly a strong background in mechanics, finite elements simulations and smart materials. The salary will be according the Italian legislation for PhD Position or Post Doc Position. The research will be under the Machine Design Group led by Prof. Dragoni.


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If you are intereseted in the above described position please send the CV to

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Thanks for the interest in the position. As soon as the position will be available online I will add the link in a comment.

Andrea Spaggiari

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Application open for:

itle of research: Design and Characterization of active composite materials reinforced with SMA fibers for morphing structures within the project Prin 2015 “Smart Composite Laminates”


Follow the instructions in the link. Don't send cv or email to me, please read carefully the pdf.


Best regards 

Andrea Spaggiari


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