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Centrifuge Reliability Problems is solve


Centrifuge is a machine that spins
at a high rate of speed to separate solids from a liquid. The big problem with
the Centrifuge equipment is its reliability. Conventional centrifuge designs are
often break down in brusque industrial environments and which can affect the
whole assembly line operations. So many industries try to avoid the use of
centrifuge equipment. This problem of origin is lies on the relationship
between the centrifuge motors or other internal components of the centrifuge. Some
centrifuges design have internal scraper to remove the solid matter from the
side of the bowl, this design have big draw back. It will jam keeping motor
running & it asks for servicing. 


ABB Drives Solve this problem of
Centrifuge Reliability. ABB Drive’s has said : “By applying one of ABB Drives'
newest technologies, MEP has developed a new and improved industrial centrifuge
-- a relatively small but important manufacturing component that helps all
types of industries reduce both production and waste disposal costs. The drive
ensures that the centrifuge motor always operates in accordance to exact design
specifications. And, if the scraper or any other component begins to jam, the
drive immediately senses the problem and shuts the centrifuge down before any
damage can occur. An operator can then attend to the problem and get the
centrifuge up and running again quickly” Read more


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