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industrial equipment

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Caterpillar, Tenaris, MAN Diesel & Turbo, and more - Check out the latest SIMULIA Community News!

The latest issue of SIMULIA Community News takes a look at how engineers in the industrial equipment industry are using realistic simulation solutions to optimize performance, evaluate designs, and further their understanding of the environments they work in. Additionally, see how Mazda balances performance and weight in a steel car body and NSE Composites validates their sweep-twist wind turbine blade design that captures 12% more energy.

Centrifuge Reliability Problems is solve


Centrifuge is a machine that spins
at a high rate of speed to separate solids from a liquid. The big problem with
the Centrifuge equipment is its reliability. Conventional centrifuge designs are
often break down in brusque industrial environments and which can affect the
whole assembly line operations. So many industries try to avoid the use of
centrifuge equipment. This problem of origin is lies on the relationship

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