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Mode-Mixity computation in 'Interface crack'

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Hello everybody,

               I am working on the the fracture analysis of a crack between 2 materials (interface cracks) in Ansys. I understand that mode mixity is a very critical parameter in interface cracks. There are a lot of methods proposed in the literature to determine mode mixity (using modified VCCT, complex SIF solutions, CSDEM). I am specifically into the one of the form in 'Hutchinson et al' refer (page 85 eqn 2.57) of the attachment and CSDEM, refer (page 6 eqn 6) of the CSDEM attachment. Each of these methods give a different mode mixity (psi) as shown in (Agrawal-Literature - Page 17 Fig.5 ).

I would like to know

  • If there is any criteria on the choice of the method to use? Like how can one justify choosing a method?
  • Also, I understand mode mixity intuitively, but how does one confirm that the mode mixity values (from FEM) are indeed correct. I could not find analytical solutions for complex 2D and 3D problems.

It would be great to hear from the learned.

Thanks in advance for your time.



P.S. I cannot upload the files as they are more than 1MB. Please look into the following URL for the attachments. ""

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