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PhD Position in Computational Nanomechanics/Materials Science at New Jersey, USA

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 * This is a new open position * 

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering ( at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (, United States has opening for one fully funded PhD position. The position will start from Spring 2017 (January 2017)Application deadline is end of August 2016. Interested candidates are encouraged to send an email with detail CV.

Research Description : Selected student will primarily work on Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics. S/he will have the liberty to select suitable projects of his/her interest from different themes : 

 - Modeling of Energy Systems : Molecular Dynamics and Density Functional Theory simulation of energy systems e.g. Lithium-ion Battery, Nanomaterials/Nanoparticle for Energy Storage and Conversion.

 - Mechanics of Nanomaterials : Different aspects of Mechanics (e.g. Fracture, Friction) of various nanomaterials: Graphene and its derivatives, Molybdenum Disulfides, and different other 2D nanomaterials and Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (TMDC).

 - Imperfections in Crystalline Solids : Modeling Dislocation Dynamics; Phase Field methods for microstructure evolution.

Candidate’s background : 

 - The position requires an undergraduate/master degree or equivalent within Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Civil/Mechanical/Aerospace/Chemical Engineering.

 - Candidate must be motivated for advanced research. S/he needs to have persistence, perseverance, strong determination, and dedication. 

 - Background in Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation, Density Functional Theory (DFT) is preferred – but not essential. Candidate should have strong interest in learning   MD, DFT and related tools (e.g. LAMMPS, VASP).

 -  Strong coding skills in Matlab, C++, Shell scripting is preferred.

Funding : The position is fully funded (tuition fee, health insurance everything will be covered). Candidate will be Teaching Assistant for one course for first four semesters. Then s/he will be provided RA. S/he will receive monthly stipend of around $2000. Candidate will be paid for travel and accommodation for at least two conferences every year.

Location : NJIT is located at Newark ( near New York City and Philadelphia ). 

Application : Interested candidates should send an email with detail CV to Dr. Dibakar Datta (Email address: ). For any question about this position, candidate should contact Dr. Dibakar Datta by email or phone (+1 401 573 6817).



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