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ABAQUS XFEM Concrete crack propagation Damage Criteria. ANY HELP APPRECIATED


I am fairly new to Abaqus and trying to simulate crack propagation in a concrete 3D cube where I have used Matthew Pais' 3d edge crack model as guidance. However i want to use concrete as the material for the simulation and i have searched the net and am having trouble finding any reliable values for the damage criteria. Please could anyone assist me with this problem. As far as i know i need to find values for the Mass Density, Young's Modulus, Poisons ratio, Max principal stress and Damage evolution? is that right or are there other things i should be including when creating the material.

Also another query that i have is, following matthew pais model, how can i get the crack to propagate further than the length of the shell 'crack' part i created. At the moment i have placed the shell crack part on the edge of 1 surface of my cube and it has a length of 2, when i run the job (using material properties for aluminium) the crack only opens until the length 2. It does not propagate any further no matter how much i increase the tensile load being applied to the cube. Is there any way around that?

Thanks in advance and would appreciate any help available.


To add the the above. Im also trying to simulate mixed mode fracturing but im having difficulty figuring out boundary conditions for each of the examples below. would appreciate any help

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