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Three open PhD positions about vibration energy harvesting at Virginia Tech

Three fully funded PhD positions are available in Dr. Lei Zuo's group in the department of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech starting from Fall, 2016. One opening is about design and control of wave energy converter, one is on vibration energy harvesting fro oil drilling system and another one is about energy harvesting from backpack while human walking or running.

Please contact Prof. Lei Zuo ( for further information. 


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Dear Dr Lei,


  My name is Baij Nath Singh, am currently working as research CAE engineer at Mechanical Engineering Department, of Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur (IIT-K), India. At present i am working on “Vibration Analysis of composite rectangular plates under varying loads using Finite Element Methods(CAE) using ABAQUS” I have finished my M.Tech from BIT Sindri, Dhanbad India, 2013 with a Grade Point average of 8.18 (on a scale of 10). My M.Tech thesis works includes “Effect of clearance fit on composite single lap bolted joints” under the guidance of Ms Manisha M Banker Sr Scientist Advanced Composite Division,CSIR- NAl Bangalore India. 

              The target of the research was to analyze and study the effect and behavior of inducing clearance  in single lap bolted joints using ABAQUS pertaining to the analysis of wing and fuselage joint structures. Failure mode prediction of bolted joint connect were also carried with FBD and CAE. It was just an initial approach to study the effect of clearance in aircraft bolted joint structures.

At present i am working on extension of my previous work, at IIT Kanpur on a project sponsored by Indian Defense(DRDO) on mode localization and vibration analysis of composite & isotropic plates using ABAQUS and experimental modal testing software module Modal test Consultant of Pulse 18.1. 


I would like to pursue Doctoral studies in the field of computational mechanics related to Dynamics and Vibration of structures of different materials and automotive structures. I am very much interested in exploring the physics behind the CAE/FEA, solid mechanics and Of the Areas you are working on, I found the following ones the most fascinating and related my area of interest.

1.     Structual Mechanics of model/Solid Mechanics

2.     Computational mechanics

3.     FEA/CAD/CAE modeling and simulation 

So, I wanted to inquire whether you are planning to accept any PhD students this fall and if yes, may I seek a Doctoralposition under your supervision?


I have attached herewith a short resume for your kind perusal.


Thank you.


Yours Sincerely,


Baij Nath Singh

Research scientist 

Non Linear Mechanics Lab

Mechanical Engineering

IIT Kanpur



baij n singh

Research Scientist at IIT Kanpur


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