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Mimics 11 released!

June 14, 2007, Materialise released a new and improved version
of its image processing software Mimics. It will again raise the bar in image
processing and editing based on stacked data such as CT and MRI. Continuous
development and support have resulted in the release of Mimics 11.

Mimics is a powerful, yet easy to use software, that boosts
cutting edge research to an even higher level by creating accurate 3D
structures from scanned images and providing a link to Rapid Prototyping (RP),
Computer Aided Engineering and Design (CAE/CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It also allows to perform virtual surgery.

Mimics 11 reduces memory consumption by 30% in comparison to
earlier versions of the software. This allows the user to generate accurate 3D
images very quickly. The software incorporates an enhanced 3D editor, making it
easier than ever to perform segmentations. The new version also comes with a
new remesher. The 3-matic remesher is a powerful tool that enables the user to
preserve contours and determine triangle size locally, based on wall thickness.
In addition, Mimics 11 includes optimized repositioning tools, enhanced X-ray
reconstruction and photo mapping, which makes 3D reconstruction more realistic
and eye-catching.

Materialise supports research with the Mimics Innovation
Awards, every year rewarding the most innovative uses of Mimics with a monetary
prize of 17,500 euros!

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