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Ph.D. positions in Computational Geometry and Mechanics at BYU

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Two PhD positions in my research group are immediately available. Both positions involve the design, analysis, and implementation of numerical methods for computer aided design, analysis, and optimization with particular emphasis on complex multiphysics systems.

Candidates applying for a position should have a BS (and, preferably, an MS) in mechanical/civil/aerospace engineering, applied mathematics, computer science, or physics, and the ideal candidate will have a solid background in computational mechanics, computer aided design, and scientific computing including programming experience in C/C++.

Interested candidates are invited to submit an application packet to me ( by email. The application materials should include (1) a one-page letter explaining the candidate's motivation and research interests and (2) a CV including the candidate's GPA and research background.

Applications will be reviewed until filled.


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Michael A. Scott
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Civil and Environmental Engineering
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