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ICMoBT 2013 - Keynote Speakers announced

We are pleased to announce the following speakers:
• Julio M.  Fernández, Columbia University, USA
• Guy Genin, WUSTL, USA (bone-tendon mechanics, brain injury)
• Morteza Gharib, California Institute of Technology, USA
• Stanislav N. Gorb, Zoological Institute of the University of Kiel, Germany
• Eduardo Saiz Gutierrez, Imperial College, UK (surfaces and ceramics)
• Jamie Kruzic, Oregon State University, USA (biomaterials, interfaces)
• Christine Ortiz, MIT, USA (bioinspired materials & structures, armor)
• Thomas Scheibel, University of Bayreuth, Germany (protein materials, silk and other fibers)
• Michael Sheetz, National University of Singapore, Singapore (mechanobiology)
• Joachim Spatz, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Germany (cell mechanics, molecular mechanics)
• Ann Wennerberg, Malmo University, Sweden (dental materials)

Special Session and Chairs:

• Ingo Burgert, ETH Zurich, Switzerland and David Taylor, Trinity College, Ireland (special session on "wood and plant mechanics")
• Himadri Gupta, Queen Mary, UK (special session on "multiscale bone mechanics")
• Joyce Wong, Boston University, USA and Hyunjoon Kong, UIUC,  USA (special session on "materials by design; bioinspired self-assembly and tissue engineering")

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