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Abaqus results


i try to simulate a 3 points bending of a glass plate with abaqus.

force 1kN !

young modulus = 7e10 Pa

Poisson's ratio = 0.22

- the plate is square (30 cm) , thickness 8.72 mm

- i use 3D extruded solid

- for the load i can't create a line load so i replace this load by pressure in a thin surface (2mm*30cm) applied in the center of the plate

- C3D8R element type

 but the results are strange:

the maximum displacement is 0.672 mm !

is that realistic ? 1kN and just 0.672 mm of central displacement  ?

thanks for helping me ... 

eng.femiran's picture


I can tell you that maybe it is correct.

you had said everything but the distances between points.

it depends on  your boundry conditions and the distance between them.

if you can put your cae file, we can do it for you.

best regards

hi eng.femiran,


thanks for your answer, it's a 3 points bending so there is a force at the center of square plate of 30 cm ... 


 finally i think also that's correct ... thanks for your help 

 best regards .

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