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Symposium on Wrinkled and Crumpled Membranes

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I cordially invite your participation in Symposium on Wrinkled and Crumpled Membranes, as part of the 13th Pan-American Congress of Applied Mechanics (PACAM XIII), to be held in Houston, Texas, May 22-24, 2013.

Wrinkled and crumpled membranes are found everywhere in nature as well as artificial structures across all length scales. They offer large deformability, tunable surface morphology, and enormous surface area. The wrinkling phenomenon has also been used to quantify interactions and properties at the film-substrate interface as well as elastic properties of polymer membranes. As a result, they have found important applications in stretchable electronics, micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS), tunable phase optics, and the study of membrane properties or membrane-substrate interaction. This symposium aims to offer a forum to foster discussions on the latest advances in the mechanics of wrinkles and crumples in free-standing or supported membranes, including but not limited to material systems such as graphene, metal, semiconductor, polymer, paper, tissue, lipid membrane and so on. Both fundamental research in mechanics and materials and practical applications in advanced technologies are welcome. Specifically, the topics of interest include, but not limited to:
•    Wrinkling and crumpling in free-standing, supported or blended inorganic membranes of different materials, such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, metal, semiconductor, and so on.
•    Wrinkling and crumpling in polymer membranes
•    Wrinkling and crumpling in bio-membranes
•    Applications of wrinkles and crumples in advanced technologies such as flexible electronics, lithium-ion batteries and so on.
•    Mechanics of origami

Sponsored by American Academy of Mechanics, PACAM is a biennial event to promote progresses in the broad field of mechanics. More information about PACAM XIII is available at: .

To submit an abstract, please create an account at: , and select Track 11 for this symposium. The submission deadline is Tuesday, January 15, 2013.


Symposium organizers:
Nanshu Lu (University of Texas at Austin)
Jizhou Song (University of Miami)
Jianliang Xiao (University of Colorado at Boulder)

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