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Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials at PACAM XIII

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Dear Colleagues:

We are organizing a track entitled "Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials" at PACAM XIII (May 22-24, 2013, Houston) (  The tentative submission deadline is Jan 15, 2013.  Below is a brief description of the track.


Advanced multifunctional and structural materials are vital for the
emerging new technologies. These include ferroelectrics,
ferromagnetics, shape-memory materials, liquid crystal elastomers,
superalloys, etc. In spite of the intensive efforts in the past sixty
years or so, a systematic continuum formulation still appears to be
elusive for general electromagnetic and deformable bodies. Moreover, the
continuum theory alone may be inadequate for some of the phenomena in
these multifunctional materials and a multiscale approach may be
inevitable. With a strong interest in mingling of classic continuum
mechanics, electrodynamics, and multiscale-multiphysics modeling, this
symposium welcomes all relevant presentations including but not limited

1. Rational treatment of deformable bodies coupled with growth,
biochemistry, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, etc;

2. Multiscale analysis including scaling laws, homogenization of
heterogeneous materials, etc;

3. Modeling of domains/microstructures, phase boundaries/microstructural
evolutions and their interactions with temperature, inhomogeneities,
plasticity, fracture, and other phenomena;

4. Advances in numerical techniques relevant to the modeling of
multifunctional materials;

5. Wave propagation & vibration involving these new multifunctional
materials, and their coupling with electromagnetic waves;

6. Quasistatic or dynamic characterization and responses of these
multifunctional and structural materials. 

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